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Expertise field : Industry/automatism

We take care for our industrial customers of the realization of benches of test and control. From the conception to the commissioning, we realize all the work.

  • Conception and realization of specific-test bench
    • Mechanical plan conception
    • Electric circuit conception
    • Pneumatic, hydraulic circuit conception
    • Instrumentation and measure
    • Control and regulation
  • Control of axis
    • Regulation
    • Subjection
  • Industrial vision
    • Metrology
    • Recognition OCR/barcode
    • Defect checking
  • Real-time application software
    • Labview RT (Real Time)
  • Embedded programming
    • Labview FPGA – module compact Rio
    • Axis control card
  • Supervision
    • Labview DSC module interfacing
  • Communication
    • Protocols : RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, Modbus, TCP/IP, UDP, SMTP, IRDA, Bluetooth, Datasocket, GPIB, CAN bus, LIN bus, SENT.
    • Automaton (Cabled, OPC, TCP/IP, bus)